GrowUrban’s self-watering GrowBoxes offer an easy way to grow herbs, flowers and seasonal vegetables on your deck, balcony or patio. Our self-watering planter boxes are great for outdoor container gardening, whether you have just a small space or plenty of room. 


Fill the reservoir and it lasts for days – no more under- or over-watering that ordinary plant pots are susceptible to!

Better Plants, Less Work

In a self-watering container your plants have all the water and nutrients they need, helping them grow up to 2 times faster!

Start growing today!

Delivered to your door with everything you need to start growing – just add plants and water!


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How do self-watering GrowBoxes work?

This picture shows a cut-away view of a GrowBox. The reservoir in the base is filled with water through a tube from the top. The potting mix then draws this water up at the perfect rate for your plants. A simple indicator lets you know when the reservoir needs topping up. No more guessing if you are over- or under-watering your plants!

How do self-watering GrowBoxes work

What our customers are saying

The planter has been a great success.  I have only a small space in which to grow things for myself.... you have a great product. - Meryll
I am LOVING my GrowBoxes. - Christina
My GrowBox is great. All my lettuces and basil thrived when we went away over the holiday break. - Lianne

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